Radiation Shipment, Incoming, Notify Radiation Safety

In order to access the Radiation Form through the CEMS system and have a CEMS account, you must be connected to the UMass Amherst network. (How do I get a CEMS account?)

Incoming Package/Notify Radiation Safety

This online form notifies Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Radiation Safety Program that you have placed an order for radioactive material.

  1. First: Place your order with the vendor.
  2. Second: You must submit the mandatory online form to Radiation Safety Services.

The online form gives Radiation Safety Services information that will help expedite the delivery of your order to your lab. No radioactive material, radiotracer, sealed radioactive source or other device containing radioactive material, or material that emits ionizing radiation may be delivered directly to you by a commercial shipping company or by someone using a private vehicle. All shipments must be delivered to Laboratory Health and Safety Services (LHSS) at: 180 Lederle Graduate Research Tower.